Using USB Audio Class 2 for Steaming Audio Products

Digital audio content requires higher quality audio than a typical computer can provide. As we all know, USB Audio Class 2 has become the standard for steaming your digital audio to your computer speakers or headphones. 

Our USB audio solutions take advantage of XMOS' capabilities, expanding and extending its capabilites by coupling it with our dspblok DSP boards. This allows the XMOS device to concentrate on communications while the DSP manages signal processing and control.

The dspblok 21469uac2 combines a powerful floating point DSP with a dedicated USB Audio Class 2 coprocessor. We provide support for Windows, Apple and Linux platforms. It can also developed on DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver graphics development platform. 

Info on the dspblok 21469uac2

Info on USB Audio Class 2  


Snowbird DSP Crossovers for High Performance Audio

Danville Signal has been partnering with high performance audio companies to develop great sound for decades now. 

You can find our solutions in well known studio monitors, high end consumer loudspeakers, headphone DACs and large acoustic space loudspeaker arrays. Most of these companies have continued to adapt and improve their products as the source and delilvery systems of audio has changed. 

We've helped them rise to that challenge with our Snowbird line of DSP Crossovers, which incorporate key gold-standard components such as Analog Devices' SHARC DSPs and AKM Velvet Sound DACs. We support amplifiers from Pascal, Hypex, ICEpower and Powersoft, keeping it easy to design your product around the amplifiers of your choice. 

We'd love to help you create the product of your dreams. Pick up the phone and let's talk about what that means to you. 

Info on the Snowbird DSP Crossover

Tone Notching & AGC for Air Traffic Control Applications

It was a phone call from an amateur radio enthusiast in Anchorage, Alaska that started it all. As is often the case, his hobby spilled over into his work challenges.

Our FAA contact recognized that the DSP solutions for tone notching in amateur radio would probably also help solve his issues at work. 

Because he was right, Danville Signal Processing, Inc. has been supplying tone suppression (tone notching) systems to the U.S. FAA since 1998. These systems help protect the hearing of our air traffic controllers. 

The same solution has been implemented as a voice monitoring / recording solution for a 911 communication system

Tone Suppression 


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