dspblok Trio of Function Modulesdspblok™ Audio I/O Modules

You can create small, robust standalone embedded applications by combining a dspblok I/O module(s) with a dspblok DSP module and a dspblok power supply module. A dspblok I/O module resides between the dspblok DSP Engine and dspblok power supply. In some cases, you can stack multiple dspblok I/O modules together. This preserves the small footprint (60mm x 60mm, 2.36 sq in), by just making a dspblok system a little taller.
Low profile, two module dspblok systems (dspInstrument) are also available. These are a little larger but  have greater functionality by integrating power supplies and I/O functions together. A dspblok DSP module is added to complete the system. The dspInstrument products are available as pc assemblies and are also available in complete turnkey "box" versions. The extruded enclosure is a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product by Hammond. Front panels can be quickly customized to meet your branding requirements.

I/O requirements tend to vary from one application to the next. Danville can manufacture a dspblok I/O module that meets your special requirements. Since the I/O has been decoupled from the DSP and power supplies, a custom I/O board is much easier (and therefore, less expensive) to create than a complete embedded system.


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