The dspblok™ 21469uac2 combines a powerful floating point DSP with a dedicated USB Audio Class 2 coprocessor.

An Analog Devices ADSP-21469 SHARC DSP operating at 450 MHz and an XMOS XU208 providing the USB audio support are the heart of the module.

The module includes flash, EEProm, SDRAM, and switching power supplies to support the core voltage requirements. All the connections are brought out to standard 2mm dual row header footprints. The board is only 60mm x 60mm (2.36" x 2.36").

USB Audio Class 2 is supported by Danville supplied Microsoft Windows drivers along with native support in Apple and Linux operating systems. In addition to the USB Audio Class 2 support, Danville has enhanced the USB firmware to include HID endpoints for control. This allows DSP code to be uploaded without a programmer or ICE as well as support for graphical design programs like DSP Concepts Audio Weaver.

The dspblok 21469uac2 is the most powerful version of our fourth generation SHARC based Audio dspbloks. Since it includes SDRAM, it is the best choice for applications where large FIRs or long delay lines are going to be implemented. It is pin compatible with our dspblok 21489uac2. 

Development couldn't be easier. The dspblok 21469uac2 is supported by Analog Devices’ Visual DSP++ or CrossCore Embedded Studio. You can connect to an Analog Devices ICE-1000 or ICE-2000 via JTAG. Our dspblok dev board is a convenient way to get started with breakouts interfacing to your own external circuits.

Alternatively, the dspblok 21469uac2 is available as a sub-component in other Danville products such as the dspMusik 2/8. In this system, the dspblok is graphically programmed via DSP Concepts Audio Weaver.

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dspblok 21469uac2
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dspblok Dev Board
P/N: A.08102B
JTAG Adapter
P/N: A.08153


This product also has volume pricing at higher quantities. Please contact us for more details. 


dspblok 21469uac2

User Manuals

dspblok™ 21469uac2 User Manual 

dspblok™ Designing for Compatibility   


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