The DSP-8200s2 is a single channel tone notching (suppression) instrument intended for air traffic applications.  It typically is used in two types of voice communication systems: 

  • Voice Switching and Control System (VSCS)
  • Tower Audio and Control (TAC)

The DSP-8200s2 uses a 32 bit floating point DSP to execute a unique tone suppression algorithm developed by Danville. This algorithm has been used to prevent tone incidences in air traffic control systems since 1998.

The audio input and output amplifiers are transformer coupled. The input gain and output level are adjustable in 1 dB steps. This allows  the DSP-8200s2 to perform level conversion as necessary. The circuits are automatically loopbacked (with optional attenuation) using relays when power is removed from the DSP-8200s2.

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DSP-8200s Standalone


DSP-8200s2 Tone Notching Standalone Unit Operating Manual

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