dspstak™ DSP Engines

All our dspstak DSP Engines support a number of standard features, which are implemented in a consistent way to facilitate using the dspstak™ DSP Engines as standard building blocks in embedded systems.

The current family of SHARC-based engines available include the:

  • dspstak™ 21479 DSP Engines 
  • dspstak™ 21489 DSP Engines 
  • dspstak™ 21469 DSP Engines 

Each of these dspstak boards are available in both production and development (with ICE) versions.

Danville has other dspstak DSP Engines available. These boards are still available but have been deemphasized since the introduction of our dspstak 214xx family of boards. We recommend the fourth generation ADSP-214xx based boards for new projects. We will continue to manufacture older dspstak DSP Engine boards for many years to support our customers with existing production requirements. 

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