Introducing dspstak™ DSP Engines and I/O Modules

Simplify your DSP-based embedded applications with dspstak™ DSP Engines and Signal Conditioning / Data Conversion I/O Modules.

Each dspstak™ consists of two or more modules:

  1. A DSP Engine
  2. Signal Conditioning / Data Conversion I/O Module(s)

Danville Signal's dspstak™ Engines are available for the latest Analog Devices SHARC® fourth generation (ADSP-214xx) processors. These modules generally consist of a DSP Processor, memory, power supplies and standard digital I/O such as RS-232 and USB.

The I/O Modules may include signal conditioning electronics, A/D and/or D/A converters, audio transceivers, unique connectors and a plethora of other special front end requirements.

Since the I/O dspstak™ module is separate frm the DSP module, custom interfaces can be created quickly and inexpensively.

Features & Benefits of the dspstak™ Family of DSP Engines and I/O Modules 

  • Compact Size (3.5" x 4")
  • Flexible I/O
  • Field Reprogrammable
  • Standalone Operation
  • Fast Time to Market
  • Reduced Development Costs & Risks
  • Standardized Form Factor
  • Optimized for DSP Embedded Applications

Painless Development!

Danville has several platforms of dspstak DSP Engines. We recommend that you consider the dspstak 21479, 21489 or 21469 for new product development.  We continue to support our older dspstak boards, but since the newer dspstak boards are pin compatible, you may want to consider migrating your existing design. This is generally very straightforward and usually results in greater availabilty, improved performance and often better pricing.  

Most dspstak Engines are also supported with developement ("ICE") versions. The ICE is a licensed version of Analog Devices' EZ-KIT Lite debug agent and is fully supported by Analog Devices Visual DSP++ and Crosscore Studio. This means that you can treat a dspstak just like a EZ-KIT Lite development board and then move directly to a production version of the same board.

The dspstak DSP Engine with ICE is supported by a free KIT license of Visual DSP++ with exactly the same functionality as an Analog Devices EZ-KIT. All dspstak DSP Engines can also take advantage of the full featured Visual DSP++ tools and the Analog Devices HPUSB & USB emulators. We resell these tools if you are interested.

All dspstak DSP Engines include flash memory to store program code. Bootable program code can be uploaded into the flash by either USB or RS-232 without the need for any special programming tools.

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