The dspblok™ 21489 + Ethernet is a highly integrated DSP module that incorporates an Analog Devices’ ADSP-21489 SHARC DSP operating at 400 MHz, flash, EEProm and a switching power supply to support the core voltage requirements. All the connections are brought out to standard 2mm dual row header footprints. The board is only 60mm x 60mm (2.36" x 2.36").

The dspblok 21489+Ethernet includes a Wiznet W5100 Ethernet transceiver operating at 100Mb/s. Each module has a unique MAC address preassigned. The transceiver manages the TCP/IP stack so that the DSP is largely unburdened. You just add magnetics and a connector. Since the magnetics are external, you can also create Power over Ethernet (POE) targets for smart sensor applications. 

The dspblok 21489+Ethernet also includes a high speed USB transceiver. You can use the USB to upload DSP code via Danville's dspBootloader™.

The dspblok 21489+Ethernet is a specialized version of our fourth generation SHARC based products. It is a superset of the dspblok 21489. 

Development couldn't be easier. You can connect to an Analog Devices HP USB ICE via JTAG on any dspblok 21489+Ethernet.

Alternatively, the footprint compatible dspblok 21489+Ethernet with ICE includes a built-in Analog Devices' EZ-KIT Lite debugger. You can use the debugger with either an EZ-Kit license (free) or a full VisualDSP++ license.

Purchasing Information

dspblok 21489+Ethernet
P/N: A.08489C-ETH
$275 $225 $185 $150 $135 $125
dspblok 21489+ICE
P/N: A.08489C-ICE
JTAG Adapter
P/N: A.08153
$ 25          

This product also has volume pricing at higher quantities. Please contact us for more details. 

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dspblok 21489 + Ethernet

Datasheets / User Manuals

dspblok™ 21489+Ethernet User Manual pdf

dspblok™ Designing for Compatibility  pdf 

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