Introducing dspblok™ DSP Function Modules

dspblok Trio of Function ModulesWant the power of DSP without the design and manufacturing burden?

Danville Signal's dspblok family of products combine an Analog Devices SHARC DSP with the supporting circuits necessary to implement a powerful DSP Function Module. Connections are brought out to standard 2mm dual row headers.

Faster Time-to-Market Without the Risk

The dspblok™ substantially reduces development costs, risk and time. By taking advantage of the pretested signal processing module, pc board layouts become simpler and projects are completed quickly and cost effectively.

Perfect for Embedded Applications

The dspblok™ gives you all the high performance, features, and peripheral support you want from a DSP without the need for a full custom design. And its compact size makes it a perfect fit for your embedded application.

You can create small standalone embedded applications by combining a dspblok DSP function module with other dspblok modules. Embedded dspblok systems are created by using a dspblok power supply (such as our dspblok ps-usb), and an I/O module, such as one of our dspblok ad96k family of audio data converter boards. Each board is stacked via 2mm headers to create a low profile configuration where space is at a premium.

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